About Us

Hello, my name is Tim Collins. I am a mechanical engineer from just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Collins Manufacturing LLC and TreeCaddy started as an idea I had to make hunting accessories. I wanted a cup/phone holder for my tree stand, and mount for my bow, so I designed and made these products for myself and a couple of friends. We used them this past hunting season in Western Pennsylvania. They worked well and stayed in great condition. My friends encouraged me that I should try selling these, so I did, and that's how I got here! Since then, TreeCaddy has proven itself to be a versatile item for more than just hunting, I took a magnetic one to the gym with me one day, and immediately started selling them there. That same day, I took it to work, and some of the guys at my day job loved the idea and immediately wanted one for their toolboxes. As time goes on, I will continue to innovate this idea and evolve it into much more. I am excited to see where this goes in the future. My faith in God, and the support from my friends and family is what drives Collins Manufacturing LLC. Thank you for supporting my company. God Bless.