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TreeCaddy Bro Cup Holder

TreeCaddy Bro Cup Holder

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Introducing the TreeCaddy Bro! This magnetic cup/phone holder is engineered to mount to metal surfaces such as gym equipment! If you go to the gym, you know the objects everyone carries around with them are their phone, drink, and keys. There are not many good places to put these two items in the gym, and they often get set on the floor. YUCK! 

TreeCaddy Bro is the solution to this problem. A 100lbf magnet firmly attaches to a metal surface, and a rubber grip strip keeps it from sliding. TreeCaddy Bro is sleek and compact. It folds up and clips to your gym bag with an attached carabiner. Use the carabiner in the gym as place to hold your keys!

This cup/phone holder is useful in more places than just the gym too! Imagine all the other places you can attach your TreeCaddy Bro! Great for a tool box or a locker!



Be your own Caddy.

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